We have a long entrepreneurial tradition

IQS Tech Factory startups

IQS has a long entrepreneurial and industrial tradition. A recent study shows that since opening its doors in 1906,
IQS has generated at least 348 entrepreneurs, who have launched 461 companies, creating 5.600 jobs
and generating over 1B Euros in annual revenues.

Today, IQS is a very active institution where research is carried on and, in some cases, results of this research
is turned into spinoffs and startups. This is a representation of some of those cases.


Sagetis develops innovative drug delivery technologies to tackle challenging unmet medical needs. Sagetis drug delivery platforms offer the most versatile approach in the arena of drug delivery systems.



Sailing Technologies specializes in the development and marketing of high technology sailing products that improve the living conditions and safety of sailors on board ship.



OptiCits deploys its wide experience in management, industrial safety and business continuity in an innovative software and a partnership program for city experts to assess and manage urban services & infrastructures improving urban resilience.



Nnergix develops energy forecasting solutions focused in the electricity markets. Nnergix SMARTmonitor cloud-based platform offers energy generation predictions and weather parameters available worldwide with some clicks.



iomando provides cloud-managed keyless access solutions for mobile devices. We are leveraging the power of the internet to deliver a better accessibility experience.



Flubetech is a leading company in the Iberian Peninsula in the development, fabrication and commercialization of ceramic and functional, hard coatings (PVD & RPCVD coatings,). Flubetech hard coatings provide excellent characteristics in terms of hardness, wear resistance and low-friction coefficient.



Hydrokemós is a company that has developed a new clean and competitive process to remove nitrates from water to purify groundwater and remedy industrial waters. The company is scaling up the process in real applications, mainly to obtain drinkable water from nitrate contaminated well waters.


Tractivus develops novel 3D printed stents with antibacterial properties designed to reduce associated post-implanted complications. Tractivus not only changes the technology but also the patients’ life quality.



NX-Swim combines hardware and software to help professional swimmers train better by getting detailed performance data. NX-Swim is a sports technology you never have seen before.


logo install-block blanc new

Install-block is a patented technology applied to construction partitions. Install-block standardises the building construction process and as consequence, reduces execution time, costs, costs, and waste generated.